Today, Lionsgate unleashed 8 character posters via 8 different websites. We’d love to share how they look and how do we think about them. Click for an HQ image.


The first time we saw Katniss’ poster, we’ve noticed how the angle is different from the other character posters. They had taken Katniss’ from the right side, and the rest of the characters’ were taken from the left side. It’s probably to show people that Katniss is the leading role of The Hunger Games movie.

We love the determined look in her eyes, absolutely stunning. For those who have doubts in Jennifer Lawrence, you can cut it now. She’s the real Katniss Everdeen, The Girl who’s on Fire.


There are many people out there who are not satisfied about Lionsgate decision to cast Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. But this, THIS is exactly how Peeta looks like in our imaginations. We are still disappointed, though, about how Peeta’s eyes are not blue. But let’s put that aside, he is still gorgeous as ever.

Congratulations Josh, you pulled a boy with the bread really well.


The boy with the Snares, Gale, looks tough in the poster. That Stubborn jaw and the serious look in his eyes make us nothing but think how perfect Liam Hemsworth is for this very role. We don’t see Liam’s adam’s apple, so they must had put a touch of photoshop magic in there.

Can’t wait to see the hunting scene!


When we saw Haymitch for the first time, we were like “!@#$%^&*, what is wrong with his hair?” Because we recalled that the book said Haymitch has curly dark hair. Then again, let’s put that aside. His outfit was…a little bit formal than we’ve imagined. We can’t see a drunk-Haymitch side in this poster. But we guess we will see that side of Haymitch in the movie.



We love how Lionsgate put efforts on details, like Cinna’s gold eyelashes. They are shining as bright as ever. We can’t help but notice that his eyes aren’t green. But the Blue collar shirt and gold chain hanging on his neck, we know that he will make a good Cinna.

Hang in there, Tributes, we will see some fantastic outfits made by Cinna soon!


“OH.MY.GOD.” That was our first reaction when we saw her. Even from the distance, we know that it is Effie Trinket, of all people. Her hair is perfect, all blonde with pink shades. her make up is exquisite, with the metallic pink eyeshadow. and her outfit! My God, her outfit is gorgeous.

This is how The Capitol citizens look like. Extraordinaire.


We all love Katniss, but Rue always has a spot in our hearts. Rue’s poster is one of our favorites. Her doe eyes are looking down, trembling our heart bad bad, this picture looks extremely emotional, her facial expression tells us a million things. Her outfit is so simple though, it represents Districts’ poorness.

It’s the girl with the Mockingjay whistle, after all.


We love how Alexander Ludwig posed for Cato character. The red t-shirt he wears represents power and braveness. As you know, Cato is one of the Careers. So it is important for him to look all tough and powerful, since he is the biggest man of all Tributes.


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