Panem World has released the first three ID Cards of Countries who join the ‘Revolution’ in Panem World. Brazil was the first country who got Panem World ID, following by Chile and Estonia on the next day.

Check out their IDCards and profile below:


URL: Distrito 13

Country: Brazil

The Admin: Cecilia

The hype in your country: The series is growing fast, the third book has just been released and with the movie closer the tendency is for it to become huge.

How did you get into the passion of The Hunger Games: I found out about the book through a friend, who decided to create the website after I read it and liked as much as she did. She already knew that it was being turned to a movie, and after Jennifer Lawrence was cast, it made her even more curious. After reading Mockingjay, she told me that I had to read it, so I did! Read the 3 books in 4 days and became a fan immediately and we didn’t even have the books in portuguese yet.

The reason to be part of Panem World: I think it’s great for the fans to have an area to share their experiences and thoughts about the trilogy around the world. The series can become huge if the fans are united, and this is what Panem World is about, gathering all these people who really liked Suzanne Collins’ books and make them share their love for it!



URL: Los Juegos del Hambre Chile

Country: Chile

The Admin: Nessa, Silmeriel, Sunshine

The hype in your country: For now we’re only a few fans but every day is growing the interest for the books of The Hunger Games and we’re confident that with the release of the first movie, the community of fans in Chile will grow by 1000%

How did you get into the passion of The Hunger Games:

Silmeriel: While I searching for a new book to read, I found a review of The Hunger Games and I fell in love with the story, I read the trilogy in 5 days and from that day I’ve become obsessed with the books and all about The hunger games

Sunshine: I was looking the next big thing to read. I heard a lot of The Hunger Games trilogy…only good comments!, then, a very good friend of mine, persuaded me to read the saga alongside her. I did it, and…well, I loved all the books with an immense passion. It was different, it was full of emotions, I suffered with all the characters, and little by little, I was turning into a big obsessed fan of this wonderful trilogy.

The reason to be part of Panem World: We believe that the international cooperation is very important as communities, we all support and advertise each other at the same time. Panem World is an excellent way to strengthen solidarity, and to raise mutual understanding, and more importantly, we have the opportunity to meet people from around the world who feel the same passion as us for this wonderful saga.



URL: The Hunger Games Estonia

Country: Estonia

The Admin: Xandra

The hype in your country: Unfortunately there are tons of people who still don’t know what ‘The Hunger Games’ is, but that’s why I am doing my site and joining Panem World!

How did you get into the passion of The Hunger Games: I was looking for something new to read, when I noticed THG books in the shop and I remembered that someone had recommended these books to me earlier. I read the description and wasn’t very impressed, but I decided to give it a try so I bought these books. I have never regret that decision.

The reason to be part of Panem World: I want Estonians to see how popular these books are all around the world.

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About Komunitas Indo Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Indonesia, known as Indo Hunger Games, since September 8, 2011.

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