FABLife has an article about Top 5 Scenes We Want to See on The Hunger Games Full Trailer.

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Cancel your surgery and tell your kids to drive themselves to preschool: the Hunger Games trailer is set to premiere Monday, November 14 on Good Morning America sometime during the 8:00am hour. Josh Hutcherson will introduce the clip (shortly before he has his clothes torn off by howling fans), and the trailer will even be playing on a Jumbotron in Times Square, in case you needed a reason to be screaming Liam Hemsworth‘s name in front of the M&M store. While the Hunger Games teaser trailer offered some hints about the film in August, we are hoping the full trailer will give us more details about a few things, such as:

  • The Cornucopia: Once we see the Cornucopia shining in the sun, we know the Games are on. So much delicious food, so many deadly weapons…so little time.
  • Peeta declaring his crush on Katniss: Okay, sure, the “star-crossed lovers” relationship might be semi-manufactured to capture the hearts and minds of a bleak dystopia, but we’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone. We know Jen is going to make that emotion look real.
  • The mutants: Guys, there has not nearly been enough hype about the bizarro animals, or muttations, that we have to look forward to during the Games. Wolf beasts with human eyes? Yes. Please.
  • The fashion: Almost as awesome as the sure-to-be-disturbing tracker jackers, we’d love a glimpse of Effie White’s amazing wigs, Caesar Flickerman’s powder blue eyelids or Cinna’s anything.
  • The girl on fire: Here’s hoping we get a sneak peek of Katniss consumed in (synthetic) flame. If that doesn’t bring non-fans on board, nothing will.

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