Isabelle Fuhrman a.k.a Clove in The Hunger Games Movie held Q&A Session with fans on Twitter. Here’s what she had to say to her fans on Twitter:

What was your favorite scene in #TheHungerGames ??
 I always loved the battle at the Cornucopia at the beginning of the book.

What was it like to work with Jennifer Lawrance?
AMAZING! She is a fantastic actress and the perfect Katniss! She is also super funny!

What was the most fun experience on set?
Learning the stunts! And getting to meet such an amazing cast and make great friends:)

What was it like to work with Alexander Ludwig on The Hunger Games?
Working with @alexanderludwig is the best! He is so nice and funny! He really became my big brother! ❤

What do you thought when you first saw the trailer??
I am so excited to see the movie! As a huge fan of the book, the trailer was exactly what I wanted to see!

What was it like filming with Josh?
Amazing! He is the perfect Peeta! He is as charming and funny as his character:)

If you were an actual tribute- how long would you last in the games?
I don’t know! I don’t think I would last too long though! Depends on what I got in the Cornucopia (food/ survival gear, etc)

If you could meet one Hunger Games character, who would it be?
RUE! @amandlastenberg

Who you prefer Peeta or Cato?
CATO! hahaha @alexanderludwig

Did you read The Hunger Games prior to the movie, or after you were cast? Where you going for the part of Clove?
I had read the books long before! I am probably one of the craziest #hungergames fans!

Team Peeta or Team Gale?
I loved Team Gale for the first book and for half of the second, but after Mockingjay I knew that I was Team Peeta.

Did you cry when Rue died? I was a mess when anyone died baha. Even Clove!
I cried so much when Rue died. My sister thought something was wrong with me! haha
I really liked the ending. The Epilogue was my favorite chapter of Mockingjay. I was really upset that Prim died though.:(

(Via: Hunger Games Network)


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