For all Panem October citizens,

Gamemaker Rowan has just sent an email that said he officially retired from Panem October, which of course, doubles as the abrupt and unexpected end of the Panem October experience (ARG).

it’s such a great dissapointment for all of us, but we understand his reasons behind this. Here’s what he said on email:


It brings me great regret and disappointment to officially announce my retirement from Panem October, which also doubles as the abrupt and unexpected end of the Panem October experience (ARG).

The Reasons

When I started this project, Lionsgate wasn’t at all supportive. Repeated phone calls and emails went unanswered, ignored and worst of all I was shoved aside. After their initial request to take the website down (although I was in friendly discussion with them for two months), I brought it back as a different, more obviously-branded “fan-powered” website.

The first month and a half of PO was going swimmingly, and according to plan… and then TheCapitol.PN (Lionsgate) began increasing their activity and began executing their ARG as well. While PO activity was constantly evolving and happening, PN began to be more active, too. After a while, it became quite clear that PN’s goals and objectives were very, very similar to PO’s. Sometimes it was blatantly obvious that PN was carbon-copying social media or game-based moves, sometimes a mere hour (sometimes less) after the same PO postings. This doesn’t come as a shock. Lionsgate, Sony and Scholastic employees were some of many watching over Panem October. One can argue their ARG has been in planning and was only now coming into play, but I know competition when I see it.

Real-life responsibilities began to build, and I became more focused on other tasks. Most of you know I’m currently working on, a digital Hogwarts. The initial goal was to simultaneously build Hogwarts while Panem October was in production. This task proved to be difficult, and quickly thereafter became impossible.

A little note Gamemaker Rowan left for us

NOTE: I will not be taking down Panem October. It will be retooled over the next few months to work as a social network for the fans and remain online to be used for roleplaying or socializing purposes.

No matter what, Panem October, somehow, has united all of The Hunger Games fans around the world. Thank you, Gamemaker Rowan.


About Komunitas Indo Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Indonesia, known as Indo Hunger Games, since September 8, 2011.

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