According to The Hob, The February 2012 issue of Empire magazine features an interview with Woody Harrelson in which he talks a bit about The Hunger Games. The article isn’t available online, but one of The Hob’s Twitter followers, provided these quotes from Woody from the interview.

On Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

“Gary cast Jennifer, and I think he had in mind that she’s a really strong personality with an unusually keen sense of humour. There’s something in her eyes that you can tell she’s a survivor, even though she’s young. She just has that in her eyes and that’s Katniss.”

On the set and makeup

“The sets are incredible, just amazing! Sometimes you don’t notice the hair and make-up as much in a movie because it kind of blends in, but particularly in the Capitol there were some wild concepts. Pretty much every aspect of this production had the best people in the business, and it was just a pleasure to see what they came up with.”

On the darkness of the film

“I don’t see it as all that dark. It’s exciting, but not dark compared to a lot of what I see. It’s PG-13 dark. The death isn’t emphasized, it’s more about this incredible girl.”


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