The Hunger Games wins MTV’s Most Anticipated Movie of 2012!

MTV Movies, by contrast, has been running a series of fan-voted polls to get to the bottom of what 2011 was really all about. Which movie delivered 2011’s finest sex scene? Which bridge was set successfully stalked by the paparazzi? Between His flashing abs and breaking up street fights, what you truly Ryan Gosling’s best moment of the year? These were among the questions put to fans in poll forms, and the response was Staggering. Millions of votes were cast. Comment sections point up with equal parts enthusiasm and Vitriol.

Now, without further and ado, it’s time to reveal the winners.

Most Anticipated Movie of 2012 : “The Hunger Games”
In one of the bigger upsets of These end-of-year polls, Katniss KO’d Bella (Batman, Spider-Man and Snow White, too). Not bad work for a character who hasn’t even been seen on the big screen yet. The approaching year is easily the bridge exciting in recent memory, when “The Hobbit,” “The Amazing Spider-Man” and a new Bond movie do not even crack the top three you know 2012 is shaping up to be a cinematic year for the ages. What’s more, the “Hunger Games” wines has got to come as welcome news that Lionsgate as the studio prepares to launch a new YA-adapted franchise the same year as the “Twilight Saga” finishes up its box office run.

Check out the full list of winners here!



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