LA Times Hero Complex has interviewed Woody Harrelson a.k.a Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games Movie. He talks about his character’s style and his experience on filming Hunger Games.

“He’s got a drinking problem and he’s got some issues and he’s damaged, but I didn’t want to do it totally like your typical version of an alcoholic in a movie,” Harrelson said Monday. “So I tried to keep him a little put-together. I dressed him up from what you would expect, too. That was one of my things I wanted – to make him, particularly in the Capitol, a bit of a snazzy dresser — or at least a dresser with his own style.”

Cynical and slippery, the character is a fan-favorite among readers but those fans will see a slightly different Haymitch on the silver screen when the Gary Ross-directed adaptation arrives in theaters on March 23.

In the books, for instance, Haymitch is described as a paunchy, gone-to-seed middle-aged man with short, dark, curly hair, but Harrelson’s version looks more like Kurt Cobain’s  fashion-conscious uncle. For the 50-year-old Harrelson, meanwhile, the Haymitch character might deliver a career-first; despite this era of ubiquitous sequels, the actor has never played the same character in two films. That will change if all goes as Lionsgate hopes and a four-film franchise can be made out of the three “Hunger Games” novels.

“It’s good writing and it just keeps you on the edge,” Harrelson said. “And making [the movie] was a fun experience with just really cool people. I was really impressed by everybody that was associated with it. The look of everything is amazing too. The wardrobe is incredible and the makeup, the [stuff] they came up with is mind-blowing. The imagination behind the hair and the makeup and set decoration, it was just really impressive. It’s the work of brilliant people.”

Harrelson lives in Hawaii but was back in Los Angeles on Monday to do publicity for his new film “Rampart” and also a bit of ADR work for “The Hunger Games.”

“I only saw one scene — that’s all they had me in to do, just loop [the sound for] one scene — and that scene looked great,” Harrelson said. “I don’t know how the whole movie is going to turn out but it’s Gary Ross so I’m sure it’s going to turn out great.”


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  1. I think woody’s going to be an awesome Haymitch, even though he’s not going to have the look I imagined him having when I read the book. He’s a good actor, so I’ll trust that he’ll have a good interpretation of the part. Have you seen the trailer for Rampart? He looks like he’ll be fine for Haymitch.

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