t’s not surprising that with a high-profile project such as The Hunger Games movie, to learn that leaked information is bound to happen. But as the movie nears its March 23rd release date, responsible fans are urging each other to be smart and put a stop to any potentially leaked photos and footage before they go viral.

The folks at Victor’s Village, a fan-run website, commented earlier Monday about some of the problems with posting leaked content — in reaction to images that made their way online via Tumblr (now removed).

But whether speaking in terms of a specific leak, or in generality, it’s important for fans to remember a few key pieces of information if they happen across leaked content online:

1. If it was leaked, it’s online illegally. Lionsgate will have it removed as soon as humanly possible. If you helped propagate the leaked information, you could potentially face legal action.

2. If it was leaked, it wasn’t ready to be released. It’s not done yet. Give filmmakers a chance to present you the finished product

3. Spoiler alert! Most fans want to enjoy the final product how the filmmakers intended, and spying leaked content ruins this experience. Don’t repost leaked content and risk spoiling the experience for other fans

4. Lionsgate has been really good about releasing photos and video footage for fans to enjoy. Remember how awesome that full-length trailer was? Have you seen all the latest official still images? Lionsgate is doing a good job of treating fans well ahead of the movie’s theatrical release.

5. It’s worth repeating that spreading leaked content IS ILLEGAL. You could be prosecuted. Just look at the kerfluffle surrounding the leaked images and footage from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 that happened last year. Different fandom, similar situation.

It also boils down to respect for the filmmakers and for your fellow fans.

Yes, leaks are going to happen. It’s an unfortunate side effect of today’s technology. When information about the nail polish collection “Colors from the Capitol” was released prematurely last year, Lionsgate launched a campaign to have the information removed from the Internet and a lawsuit was pursued. (Later resolved, the nail polish collection is now officially available for pre-order.)

It’s up to the true fans of The Hunger Games to make sure any future potential leaks don’t become a major issue. If you see leaked content, don’t repost it. If you’re feeling particularly responsible, report it to Lionsgate (or, if you don’t have their contact information, tell an administrator at one of the fan sites)

One final warning: sometimes hackers like to use popular series like The Hunger Games to spread computer viruses. If you see a link to something claiming to be leaked content from The Hunger Games it could also potentially be a way for cyber criminals to access your private information.

So protect yourself and protect the fandom: put a stop to leaked information.

(Source: Hunger Games Examiner)



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  1. haily says:

    oh bite your toe

  2. hunter says:

    bullcrap and i want leaked footage your just a funsucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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