In a recent interview with Boston Globe, Banks answered some questions about The Hunger Games:

Q. Now’s a good time to bring up “The Hunger Games.’’ It’s a female-driven story.

A. Suzanne [Collins] created an incredible world and it’s thematically amazing, and the scope and scale is awesome, but of course, I love, as a woman, that there’s a heroine. There’s sort of a love triangle – kind of – but it’s much more important that she survives.

Q. I know it’s often compared to “Twilight,’’ but in “The Hunger Games,’’ the stakes are much higher.

A. What are the stakes in “Twilight’’? Like, “I don’t know . . . should I marry this werewolf?’’

Q. And did Effie appeal to you right from the start? She’s over the top. I know you had a hand in the look of her. . .

A. Well, she’s definitely grotesque. The director’s only sort of reference for us, the team – me and the hair and makeup and costume design – was Joel Grey in “Cabaret.’’ So, we started there.


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