Check out what Adam Lambert had to say about The Hunger Games in The Fab Life:

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Adam Lambert earlier this week in Los Angeles, where we chatted about the usual: his new album, Trespassing, it’s awesome first single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” and our mutual obsession with The Hunger Games. Yes, in addition to being handsome and talented, Adam is also a total YA nerd. Stars are just like us, guys!

Adam had no idea that he was a fan favorite to plan Cinna back before the movie was cast. “I definitely identified with the character when I read the books,” he told us, adding, “I think Lenny Kravitz is gonna be rad.” When we pressed him on his allegiance to Team Gale or Team Peeta, Adam told us, “I didn’t know there were teams!” He added, “I think the thing that was really clever about the books is that, much likeTwilight, it really divides the two. They’re both really good guys, for different reasons.”

[Let’s pause for a brief swoon break over Adam referencing Twilight.]

We also asked Adam if he’d ever given thought to a movie career (cough, the new Les Miserables movie, cough). “Yes, if someone wanted me to do it,” he said. “I grew up doing a lot of musical theater…and I think much of my last album was me playing a character. But I like music so much, and I think singing is kind of my gift, I think. But sure, why not!?”

Maybe a role that involves a little bit of both?


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