ELLE has interviewed Josh Hutcherson on his character on The Hunger Games Movie, Peeta Mellark. He said that he read all three (Hunger Games Trilogy) books in five days and he never read a character he has connected with more than he is with Peeta.

“I read all three books in five days,” says the film’s leading man, Josh Hutcherson, 19, who plays Peeta, the handsome tribute in love with Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss. “I’ve never read a character I’ve connected with more—I am Peeta.”

Director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit) and Collins, who together wrote the script, agree.

“He’s so unbelievably charming,” says Ross. “When he auditioned, Suzanne and I looked at each other. We’d both been knocked out.”

But Hutcherson is more than the sum of his charms—the puppy-dog eyes, the square jaw, or what Ross calls the “easy, winning grace” of a young Jack Lemmon (you never hearthat about the Twilight brooders). At nine, when pleading with his parents failed, the Kentucky-raised Hutcherson dialed a Cincinnati talent agency he found in the phone book. “I’m persistent,” he says. Since then he’s held his own in The Kids Are All Right opposite Annette Bening and Julianne Moore, starred in the 3-D family-adventure Journey franchise (which continues with the just-released Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), and dined with Clint Eastwood and Lauren Bacall, his costar in last year’sCarmel-by-the-Sea. What does Hutcherson make of it all, 10 years after that phone call? “Like Peeta would say, it doesn’t change who I am.” He is persistent.

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