Entertainment Weekly has given us further sneakpeeks for The Hunger Games Movie Companion!

(ATTENTION: it contains lots of Spoilers!)

Check it out:

The Gamemakers at Scholastic have bestowed upon us three new Hunger Games movie tie-ins, including the one that’s probably most interesting to fans: The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion. It contains detailed back story on the sensation the novels have created and the casting of the movie, which is interesting even if it’s stuff we’ve heard before — in fact, the Companion quotes pretty extensively from EW’s own coverage. But let’s be serious, the never-before-seen photos are what we’ve been waiting for! The Companion really delivers some amazing new images. For now, you’ll just have to pick up the book to see them for yourself, but I’ll tease some of the highlights below (possible spoilers ahead):

++ Capitol food! Suzanne Collins spent a lot of time describing the decadent feasts, but the images from the movie are even cooler than what I imagined. The food is just as it should be: bright and colorful yet strangely sickening.

++ More Capitol fashion! A two-page spread shows that denizens of the Capitol have the avant-garde style of Lady Gaga with the candy-coatedness of Katy Perry. Like the food, the clothes are bright and colorful yet strangely sickening. Perfect!

++ Digital renderings of the Training Center. We’ve caught glimpses of the training facilities in the previews, but you get a good look at the sleek, geometric design.

++ Hovercrafts galore. The interiors and exteriors of the cruisers look rather James Cameronian.

++ Digital renderings and photos of District 12. Katniss’ stomping grounds look a bit like a West Virginian coal mining town, which is about how Collins intended it. Also, there’s a peek at Katniss bartering at the Hob.

++ Staying true to the theme of the novels, much of the Capitol architecture — including the Avenue of the Tributes and the grand Capitol train station — takes on a futuristic Greco-Roman aesthetic.

++ A photo of Rue in a blue dress that may break your heart.

And as for the surprised, Annie Thurman (District 9 Tributes) has posted on Facebook a very spoiler glimpses of what’s inside The Companion.

(Source: Hunger Games Movie)


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