What would Taylor  Swift do if she were in the real-life Hunger Games? I’ve thought about this, because reading the books, you’re so sucked into it that as you go about your life, you sit there, and you’re like, ‘Could I climb that tree?’ ‘Could I make a weapon out of this?’ ‘If I had to forage for food, what would I do?’ Honestly, I think I would just be the person who runs and hides. I kind of freeze. You know how you have fight, flight or freeze, those three reactions to something scary? I just freeze.’

Swift said she would try to run and hide somewhere, and if she had to kill anyone, she hoped it would be in an indirect way, similar to a few of the deaths Katniss inflicts almost accidentally in the books: ‘I immediately read the book in, like, two days and fell in love with it. I fell in love with the characters, fell in love with the world that Suzanne Collins had created. I was just so immersed in it.’

On being on the soundtrack:’When I got the call, I thought from what I’d heard about the movie, ‘It’s an action movie, right? We’re probably going to be writing a song that’s like, ‘We’re going to win!’ ‘ And then I read the book, and I thought, ‘No, we’re going to have to write sort of a death lullaby, it’s so different from what I thought.’ They have never shown footage of the Games. I’m dying to see that. Everyone wants to see pivotal parts. The relationship with Rue and Katniss and also Peeta and Katniss and their relationship developing, and none of the Games have been shown yet, so I’m so excited for the movie. I’m a fangirl!’

Are YOU a Hunger Games fangirl?

(Source: Ocean Up)


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