Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth were attending a Hunger Games Rally promotional event in Mexico. Jennifer was spotted this morning arriving at the airport in Mexico.   We’ve been told that Jennifer & Liam did a small  Hunger Games press conference this morning,then  they are attending a Hunger Games rally at Six Flaggs where they will present a prize to a winner.

UPDATE: Hunger Times has posted what they had to say on the press converence:

At the press conference Jennifer and Liam spoke about The Hunger Games, their careers and more:

“I think I’m a very lucky man: there millions of guys looking for a opportunity like this one and I was the one to get it,” said Liam Hemsworth at the press conference. “I think every actor wants to do interesting roles, roles that transcend, and this movie lives up to those expectations.” Hemsworth revealed he had to go to intensive work-out routines and a special diet to look like a ‘hungry person’.

Jennifer Lawrence commented to the media how grateful she is for the opportunity she had early in her career to work with Mexican director Guillermos Arriaga in the movie The Burning Plan. “I love him, he taught me a lot of things. He’s a very intelligent man and one of the most influential people in my career. I can tell you he’s in a very special part of my heart.”

On being about to get exposed to a huge audience thanks to the movies, Lawrence said: “I know who I am and I don’t like to be like the people who appear in TV or some kind of magazine; and I work hard to avoid being like that.” Liam agreed with her and stated that it’s his great, united family what helps him stay down-to-earth, because the entertainment industry is a very unstable business.

(Source: HG Girl on Fire)


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