MTV has recently chat with Elizabeth Banks and she explained that determining her character’s (Effie Trinket) signature look in The Hunger Games Movie  was the real time-suck:

“It was a really long process to find it, initially,” she said. “It was a couple days of hanging out in the trailer and playing around. But once we nailed it, it was just two hours a day.”

Which means that Elizabeth got off easy, all things considered; after all, Wes Bentley required two hours of painstaking grooming per day just for his beard.

And the most difficult part of the Effie ensemble?

“The worst part about it was my nails,” Elizabeth said. “I had these crazy, long, insane fake nails—bejeweled and…just insane. And once they were on, I literally couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t—[mimes poking a finger at an imaginary phone]—iPhone, Blackberry. I couldn’t use the computer.”

And if you’re thinking that doesn’t sound so bad, you’ll want to reserve judgment until you’ve heard the last of the actress’ complaints about her high-maintenance manicure. Because:

“I couldn’t go to the bathroom. I literally couldn’t zip or unzip, or do a button. I couldn’t wipe. I couldn’t do anything.”

Okay, yes. That’s…bad. That is very, very bad. (Bonus: rewind and watch Josh Horowitz’s face when Elizabeth says the word, “wipe”.)

But, she says, it’s important that the audience understands just how much effort went in to bringing the literary trilogy to life: “I just want everyone to know how far we had to go to make ‘The Hunger Games.'”


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