Photo from Q&A Session (via @agamos)

@agamos and @Mockingjaynet were doing a live tweet from LA at Westfield Century City, where Hunger Games Mall Tour taking the first stop. There were tons of Q&A session and facts that you don’t wanna miss:

  • Josh got to do a lot of his own stunts and loved it.
  • Josh talked about the concussion Jennifer gave him and Liam remarked that Jen keeps them on their toes.
  • Josh says that Jennifer became a “badass” after 3 hours of “badass” training a day.
  • If they could play another character Josh and Liam say they’d play Haymitch, Jennifer wants to be Wes Bentley’s Beard
  • Jennifer admires Katniss’ strength bravery and loyalty to her family and people
  • Liam loved the whole experience of filming the movie
  • There was some movie magic with Jennifer’s archery skills, but she is really “good”
  • Jennifer says that Katniss being a futuristic Joan of Arc and warrior sold her on the role
  • Jennifer says Josh would say the black latex outfits. They have awesome shoulder pads.
  • Jennifer loved the flame dress
  • Liam got to wear ripped dirty clothes most of the time
  • Jennifer says Gary Ross is the most brilliant person she’s ever met. He’s funny and sweet and creates a warm atmosphere
  • Jennifer says the “most fun time” was taking Liam down to the creek to show him crawdads.  Josh got a leech on him and then Jen and Liam abandoned him and went to Walmart.
  • At a meeting with Gary Ross Jen did improv with him where he played President Snow
  • Liam and Josh kept seeing each other in the waiting room for auditions
  • Josh did not know Suzanne Collins would be in the room when he auditioned.
  • Jennifer always used to call Lenny Mr. Kravitz because she is friends with his daughter Zoe, and soon the other cast started to call him that too.
  • Josh’s favorite movie to be in aside from The Hunger Games was Journey 2 since it was in Hawaii and was amazing
The Hunger Games Mall Poster Tour:

UPDATED: Videos from Hunger Games Mall Tour! (Thank you Aurora Fades!)

Jennifer, Josh and Liam Shared about their Auditions

On working with Gary Ross

Accidents on Set and Training

On their ‘Hunger Games’ Costumes

What They like about Their Roles


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    OMG, thank you thank you thank you for posting these videos! I’m soooo excited!

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