“”Why did the producer make all the good characters black?”

 “Why does rue have to be black not gonna lie ruined the movie”

“EWW rue is black?? I’m not watching”

Those were some tweets that contained racism about two characters from The Hunger Games Movie, Rue and Thresh, that turned into scandal.

But instead of mad, Amadla Stenberg (played as Rue) and Dayo Okeniyi (played as Thresh), they took this thing pretty lightly.

In one interview, Amandla says, “As a fan of the books, I feel fortunate to be part of The Hunger Games family. It was an amazing experience; I am proud of the film and my performance. I want to thank all of my fans and the entire Hunger Games community for their support and loyalty.”

Dayo Okeniyi also response to this issue and give his best suggestion.

“I think this is a lesson for people to think before they tweet,” said Okeniyi, who plays Thresh in the movie. “It’s sad…We could now see where society is today. But I try not to think about stuff like that.”

“Our movie did amazing numbers,” he continued. “The response has been so positive and I just want to stay in that mindset. Whatever happens like that, I can just let it fall by the wayside.”

thumbs up, both of you!

(Source: E!)


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  1. Nurlita Hapsari says:

    racism always become one of american problem, eh?

  2. Drew says:

    I honestly don’t see what the big deal is here as these quotes from the book itself-
    “She has bright, dark eyes and satiny brown skin and stands tilted up on her toes with her arms slightly extended to her sides, as if ready to take wing at the slightest sound. It’s impossible not to think of a bird.” -Pg 98 (kindle edition)
    “The boy tribute from District 11, Thresh, has the same dark skin as Rue, but the resemblance stops there. He’s one of the giants, probably six and a half feet tall and built like an ox” -Pg 126
    So People need to stop being Racist!!!

  3. bookworm87 says:

    I’m just sorry they had to see those tweets 😦 They both did great in the movie, especially Amandla. Most of the actors did, actually…the only ones I wasn’t really a fan of were Elizabeth Banks and Josh Hutcherson, they just didn’t seem right to me.

  4. Kelsey says:

    OK WHAT DA FREAK. Who cares if they are black? LIKE SERIOUSLY. BE NICE. It said in the book they were black, and its D11. Black people live there. BUT WHO CARES IF THEY ARE BLACK. They are people just like you and me. Skin color shouldn’t matter. I’m sorry Amandla and Dayo for those racist people out there.

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