Hunger Games: See Katniss's House in Person! | The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence

Though the location of the Hunger Games set was kept secret for six months during filming, fans of the franchise who want to experience life in Panem for themselves now have the opportunity to do just that.

The blockbuster film has provided a boon to the tourism industry in North Carolina, where it was shot, according to Friday’s Today show. Fans are flocking to locations such as the Henry River Mill Village, an abandoned mill town outside Charlotte, which is home to the set pieces that were used as Katniss’s house and Peeta’s bakery.

“I think tourism to the area will double and triple, based just on the inquiries we’re getting,” Tammy Hopkins of the Transylvania County Arts Council, told the Los Angeles Times. “People are calling my house, all the hotels are calling me, people are emailing [about the locations]. Just today, I got emails from people in St. Joseph, Mo., and Manhattan, asking if they filmed here.”

At the DuPont State Forest, where scenes including the Games themselves and Katniss and Gale’s hunting adventures were filmed, fans can take aHunger Games tour.

During filming, the movie was shot under a code name to keep the set location under wraps, according to reports. The second installment in the trilogy, Catching Fire, will also reportedly be filmed in North Carolina.

(Source: People)


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