Josh Hutcherson recently had 2 interviews with The Hollyw0od Reporter and Collider, to talk about Gary Ross’ Depart from The Hunger Games Trilogy Movie.

Josh in ‘The Hollywood Reporter’:

When asked who should take over directing duties forCatching Fire, Hutcherson answered diplomatically: “I think Gary’s the man. Gary is in my mind is the only one that could ever direct the second one. That’s what I’m sticking to.”

Josh talks with ‘Collider’:

Do you think the success of The Hunger Games will really help this film get some attention?

I hope so!  We tried to sell this movie for a long time, and tried to find the right fit for us, distribution wise.  I think we found it and are going about this, at the right time.  It just so happens to be afterThe Hunger Games, which definitely helps quite a bit.

Would you suggest Joseph Kahn for the job of directing Catching Fire?

I would not. First and foremost, because Gary [Ross] is my guy, 100%, through and through, and also because I don’t think Joseph would really fit into that world.

Do you hope that Gary Ross will come back?

Oh, for sure!  There’s not much doubt in my mind that he’ll be doing it.  I think so.  I don’t think there’s a chance at all that he wouldn’t do it.  He killed the first one.  He absolutely knocked it out of the park.  Everyone who worked with him loved him.  Myself and Jennifer [Lawrence] and all of the other cast members loved him.  I couldn’t imagine making the movie without him.  That’s what I have to say about that.  There was no official statement made.  There are a lot of different ways that you negotiate in movies.  There are different tactics, for sure.

(Source: Collider & The Hollywood Reporter)


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