North Carolina News Reporter, Russ Bowen, was tweeting about the possible place that ‘Catching Fire‘ would be filming, AND he said it would be in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here’s what Hypable said:

“We spoke with Bowen, who confirmed there is a “strong possibility” that the soundstage and production offices for Catching Fire will relocate from Charlotte, NC to a warehouse east of Atlanta, due to what is likely tax purposes. Driving the concern over the potential move is the possibility of the current soundstage being sold, which is a chief concern for locals.

There is still a possibility for some exterior shoots in North Carolina, however, with likely locations including the Seam and the Hob. While no official sites for the arena have been announced, possible locations include, as previously reported, Hawaii, as well as Jekylll Island, GA or a location near Wilmington, NC.”

(Source: Hypable via HG Girl on Fire)


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  1. dimitra says:

    Oh my gosh, my cousin studies there. I wish he could take me with him!

  2. […] Is it another hint that Lionsgate had moved the set into the other place? […]

  3. Katniss says:

    TEAM_PEETA all the way baby!!!!!!!!

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