Sugarscape reported that District 12 Set (on The Hunger Games Movie) is FOR SALE!

Is it another hint that Lionsgate had moved the set to the other place?

Check out the article below:

If you like the idea of living next door to Josh Hutcherson or peering through your curtains at Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth then you might be interested to hear that the set where the District 12 scenes of The Hunger Games was shot has just been put up for sale.

Filmed in North Carolina, the District 12 set itself didn’t take much building as it was based around a disused textile mill that was already pretty run-down.

Fans of the trilogy are already able to take a tour of the set but now the 83-year old owner has decided to selll off the 72 acres of buildings and woodland.

The auctioneer in charge of the sale thinks the property could sell for a whopping $1.2million when it goes up for sale in July.

“It’s a really unique opportunity to take people behind the scenes of the film and book,” auctioneer Joe Maddalena explained.

“When Lionsgate came to film, they didn’t have to change a thing.

“The buildings are identical and it’s really eerie when you’re there, standing in Katniss’ house,” he added.

With the second film about to start shooting, it’s unclear whether they’ll be filming on the original set or whether the production team have already found somewhere else to base Catching Fire.

Either way, if you can’t resist the opportunity to cosy up at the scene of The Hunger Games’ fight to the death, then you better get your bids in!

(Source: Sugarscape)


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