Naya Rivera confessed to Radar Online that she wants to play Johanna Mason on ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ !

She started as Santana, the bad-girl Cheerio who only joined the glee club as a spy for her cheerleading coach. But against all odds, stunning actress and singer Naya Rivera has turned her Glee character into a fan favorite. Now those fans have a goal: use Twitter and Facebook to land her a role in the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. Naya, 25, talks toStar about the flattering campaign.

Q: Did you enjoy The Hunger Games?
I started reading the books before I even knew they were making it into a movie. I’m just a huge fan. I would love to play Johanna Mason. She’s the axe-wielding ex-tribute and former winner. She’s a grade-A badass!

Q: Are you surprised by the outpouring from fans?
It’s so exciting. I get tweets every day, and it feels good that they get behind something I’m passionate about.

(Source: Radar Online)


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