Liam Hemsworth win Total Film Hotlist Awards for Hottest Newcomer (Male) category. Total Film caught up with him and talked about  his recently award and “THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE“:

Congratulations on your award – What would you like to say to those who voted for you?

“Huge thank you to all the people who voted for me. I feel very fortunate to receive this award.”

Where will you keep your award?

“Under my pillow.”

Why do you think Gale made such an impression on audiences?

“Gale is a good person trying to find a way to stop bad people. And for the most part he has other people’s wellbeing before his own which I think makes him likeable.”

What scenes/moments are you looking forward to filming inCatching Fire? What can fans expect of Gale?

“I think just watching the different relationships become more complex will be great to see. I’m really looking forward to the part of the stories where Gale gets to fight back.”

What’s next for you?

“I’ve just wrapped on Empire State and am about to start on Paranoia. I have a few different things coming that I’m really excited about. Life’s good! Can’t complain about anything!”

(Source: Total Film)


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