About the Character:

A former Career tribute from District 1, Cashmere and her brother Gloss (who is also competing in the Games) are enamored of the Capitol.

Stephanie Leigh Schlund:

Stephanie Leigh Schlund grew up in the Atlanta Metro Area. In 2008, while on a Trip to LA, she found herself becoming one of the Newest Models on the popular game show, The Price Is Right. Working on The Price Is Right helped her to pursue her love of Acting. Soon after, she accepted Roles on Lifetime’s Hit Series, “Drop Dead Diva”, Nicolas Sparks/Disney, “The Last Song” and Fox’s newly anticipated series, “The Following”, set to Air this Fall. Stephanie is excited to be playing the role of “Cashmere” in The Hunger Games sequel, “Catching Fire”. She looks forward to working with Lionsgate and Francis Lawrence, along with the other cast. 

(Source: Lionsgate)


About Komunitas Indo Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Indonesia, known as Indo Hunger Games, since September 8, 2011.

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