On Location Vacations reports:

It seems the first signs for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire have already been spotted around Atlanta.

We know CL Casting has been busy casting extras for the Hunger Games sequel and a few of the movie’s stars, including Jennifer Lawrence, have already arrived in town to start rehearsing, but could filming be underway already?

One of our Twitter followers, ‏@Cre8iveone, spotted the sign above for “GGX” outside the Georgia Dome. Interestingly, according to a listing on Georgia.org, crew members applying for jobs on the upcoming feature filmThe Idiom (which is believed to be the working title for Catching Fire) are to send their resumes toggxproductions@gmail.com Coincidence? Probably not.

The yellow signs with a movie’s “code name” on them are usually posted to help cast and crew find the exact filming location where they need to report. So if GGX is the code for Catching Fire, which it looks like it is, does that mean they are already filming?

We can’t confirm they are, or where exactly the signs are directing cast and crew to go (it might be GWCC), but it does look like SOMETHING Catching Fire-related is happening in that area! Since filming isn’t slated to begin until next month, it’s possible they’re just rehearsing or holding casting calls/interviews this week and that is what the signs are being used for.

(Source: On Location Vacations via HG Girl On Fire)


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