There were some Haymitch fans waiting for you. Did you expect to see Hunger Games fans here?

Harrelson: Oh, I didn’t see them. They were calling, “Haymitch!” when you arrived.

Harrelson: Oh really? Oh man, I think there were just so many people out there I didn’t hear. What are you looking forward to about shooting Catching Fire with Francis Lawrence?

Harrelson: Well, I ran into Jen[nifer Lawrence] last night. There’s such cool people that are working on this and that worked on the last one. It’s a wild thing to switch your conductor but I think that he’ll be great. He’s really hyper prepared and he’s a fantastic director. Having hung with him a couple times I like his temperament. I hear he’s very mellow on set. You never know if you’re going to get a screamer but he’s not that. I think it’ll be really good. Is Haymitch Abernathy the best name for a character you’ve ever played?

Harrelson: Maybe so. I love it. What do think about making the third book as two movies?

Harrelson: Well, I think it could work. It really depends on how the scripts come in. I hate to comment on it before I know what it’s going to be. Obviously it’s possible that you can do it but how it’s going to turn out, I don’t know. I’m hopeful.



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