Tex Saverio, young designer from our country, Indonesia, is the one who designed Katniss’ Gorgeous Wedding Gown!

The gown was shown at Jakarta Fashion Week and apparently Trish Summerfield, the costume designer for THE HUNGER GAMES; CATCHING FIRE, love it!

The Katniss Gown at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

The Katniss Gown by Tex Saviero at Jakarta Fashion Week

THR reports:

“Katniss’ white gown is by a designer named Tex Saverioin Jakarta. He is amazing!  I found his designs quite some time ago and saved his information for a perfectly fitting project, then cameCatching Fire – perfect!” she said.

This isn’t Saverio’s first time in the limelight. Lady Gaga wore one of the Indonesian designer’s gowns inHarper’s Bazaar in 2011. And Kim Kardashian is wearing one of Saverio’s hand-embroidered gowns in the March issue of Elle in a shoot that was styled by Gaga fashion director Nicola Formichetti.

“We did several Skype calls with sketches to work together in designing the wedding dress. I had seen a dress he designed with a similar metal bodice, and I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding-dress design,” Summerville adds.

She also pointed out the bodice, a Swarovski-crystal-clad “organza corset under a metal cage.” The metal pieces rising up are meant to signify fire and flames, while layers of laser-cut feathers at the waist and shoulder tie in the film’s “Mockingjay” concept.

The skirt also has numerous layers of organza and chiffon ruffles giving it grandness but still making it seem airy and fluid for movement. As Summerville explains, “This is very important for the twirling/ spinning  Katniss does onstage, per Caesar Flickerman’s request.” 

Summerville confirms that Effie Trinket’s red ruffled poster dress and matching shoes are indeed from the house of Alexander McQueen, as THR had reported. But she also reveals that Peeta’s suit is by a Korean designer that she is “obsessed with” called Juunj. “He is unbelievably talented,” she writes. “And Peeta’s boots are by Rick Owens. “


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  1. aka says:

    This is so cool! Awesome! Way to go tes saverion! 😀 (y)

  2. miparkland says:

    keren!! ga bisa berhenti untuk bilang “WHOA!”

  3. Ervi says:

    Keren banget!! That is awesome

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