Tex Saverio, one of Indonesian talented designer, is featured in Capitol Couture!

from Tex Saverio Page in Capitol Couture:

“Drawing inspiration from fantasy tales and ethereal characteristics of the anime art style, Tex Saverio brings an otherworldly nature to Capitol fashion.   Favoring dramatic embellishments and a heavy concentration on craftsmanship and construction, his designs produce a dramatic aesthetic, communicating his favorite part of his job- “Translating fantasy into reality.”


click the image to go to Tex Saverio’s page in Capitol Couture!

Next year, Tex will embark on his newest venture in design, allowing Capitol citizens the opportunity to get their hands on his coveted creations: “I will be launching my ready-to-wear collection [next] spring, translating my dramatic designs into wearable extravagance.”  We’re already in line.


Top left – courtesy of Dewi Magazine, top right – courtesy of Bazaar Indonesia, middle left – courtesy of Dewi Magazine, bottom left – courtesy of  Bazaar Indonesia, bottom right – courtesy of Dewi Magazine.”



About Komunitas Indo Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Indonesia, known as Indo Hunger Games, since September 8, 2011.

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